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We have developed a technology for deep data analysis for the real estate market to find the best offer to buy and/or sell and build strategies for segmented targeting with higher conversion.

Roughly speaking, our advanced technology can perform the following miracles:

1. We can tell when it's time for sellers and time for buyers. Because we monitor the dynamics of real estate sales and the dynamics of the appearance of new properties for sale every week (inventories).

2. Using our model, we work out different behavioral scenarios of the buyer and the seller to determine the best sell / buy strategy, taking into account the analysis of all data.

3. At the same time, our algorithm looks at more than 100 parameters of each object without considering cross-parameters with other neighboring real estates.

4. Our prototype can algorithmically calculate property owners who are willing to sell (or rent) at the moment with high accuracy.

5. We may build a highly specialized targeted advertising campaign to buy and sell.

6. We can build a highly specialized targeted advertising campaign for various purposes; for example, you want to know about your service only those people who are over 35 years old, who bought a property to rent out, and who own more than two properties, or you want to send ads only to voting citizens in a specific area to campaign in the upcoming elections.

7. We can track population migration and more and more

Our prototype is currently working for South Florida, and we are looking for interested people for the first round of investment.

This material will be updated.

Case Study

The Problem

  • structuring unstructured data

  • development of analysis algorithms

  • calculation of any parameters and installation of any filters

  • testing hypotheses

Our Solutions

we have developed a prototype program that solves the above problems and meets all the criteria for accuracy and reliability; at the moment, we are conducting additional testing of ideas and hypotheses to improve the quality of service

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