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Real Estate


We are building a new generation real estate company.

Currently, the real estate market is relatively inefficient, and the final buyer/seller of real estate (we will call them clients below) bears enormous transaction costs on each transaction. In addition, information on the real estate market is not entirely transparent to the client. The realtor gives out only the piece that is somehow beneficial to the realtor, where the conflict of interest comes from. At the same time, the work of the realtors themselves cannot be called effective because the final conversion from their work done is minimal. Therefore, when we say that we are building a new generation company in the field of real estate, we mean that taking into account the capabilities of our technology, we will reduce transaction costs for clients and simplify and optimize the work of realtors.

Case Study

The Problem

  • high transaction costs

  • market inefficiency

  • transparency of all information

  • not algorithmic processes

  • a large share of the human factor

  • high time costs

Our Solutions

use of developed prototype technologies
a completely new approach to market targeting
a completely different approach to building relationships with realtors

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