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Our company ARFEN is a global manufacturer of expansion joint profiles, wall protection systems, decoration profiles, matting systems, aluminum fence systems, tactile paving, standard aluminum profiles, and more, exceeding 400 articles for the construction sector.

Our primary focus is the wall protection system for healthcare facilities, schools, and any place with many people. We manufacture these products so that they provide additional passive safety for people. Everyone knows that nosocomial infections are a significant source of further infection and death. Our building materials are distinguished by the fact that they contain particular substances that contribute to the destruction of up to 99.9% of pathogenic flora, and that is why the use of our materials for wall protection is not only an effective way to save expensive repairs but is also a way to reduce morbidity.

Case Study

The Problem

Design Choices and Material Options to

Fight Surface Contaminants and

approaches to reduce patient-fall injuries with ARFEN

Our Solutions

A new way to use ionpure silver as an antimicrobial agent in ARFEN wall protection systems, which effectively affects the pathogenic flora, significantly reducing its amount helps prevent the spread of diseases.
The use of this material in ARFEN handrails and other wall protection materials, combined with antimicrobial action and fall injury prevention, will save many lives.

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