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My story

On October 20, 1987, I was born in the small petrochemical city of Nizhnekamsk, TASSR (Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), in a family of honored chemists of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2005 I graduated from the national Tatar gymnasium No. 2, named after Baki Urmanche. I only studied up to grade 10 in the Tatar language, and then I learned Russian proficiency. Then I entered the Faculty of Economics at the Kazan Federal University. I graduated in 2010 with honors, having received the qualification of a bachelor of science ( Specialist) in the specialty "Management of the organization." Entering the list of the best students of the university. In 2014, I received a Ph.D. in Economics with the dissertation topic "The system of indicative management of innovative development of industrial complex enterprises (on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan)."


From 2010 to the present, I have combined research activities with work in the real sector of the economy, being at the same time the founder of ARFEN Group in Russia, CEO, investor, and commercial real estate developer. Сurrently I have engaged in business development in the United States as co-founder and COO of ARFEN Inc. since 2021. I got one of the most complex O1-A talented individual visas in the USA. 


I was awarded a diploma of Russian Business Leaders (2016) by US Department, a diploma for participation in the competition commission “Builder of the Year” (2018), a diploma for work as a member of the jury “Student of the Year” in the nomination “Best Economist” (2019), a certificate for participation in the implementation of the project “ Factory of Entrepreneurship” (2020), awarded the medal “European Quality” for scientific works (2021). Marked with letters of thanks as part of various Expert Councils of the city of Kazan and the Regional Youth Public Movement of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Republic of Tatarstan, a letter of gratitude from FISU (2013), Universiade Kazan 2013, Fina (2015), UCLG Eurasia (2016), FIFA (2017), UNESCO (TISBI, 2018), WorldSkills (2019), DUM of Russia (2019), APMSB RT (2021). Owner of several international trademarks.

Member of YEC

My Team

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